PX is connected to the hardware and operating system’s configuration. This is so called HWID. HWID binding is a security measure against unauthorized 3rd-persons usage PX does not allow the joint use. Only 1 computer / session.

PX supports HWID rebinding. Certain time since the last binding should be observed:
- For “Standard” PX: it should be passed 72 hours (3 days) from the moment of the last binding. Only after that it would be possible to reconnect to another computer.
- For “Premium” and “Deluxe” PX - it should be passed 48 hours (2 days) from the moment of the last binding.

When you start PX from a new PC / from a new configuration, PX will warn about HWID error (HWID doesn’t match). Also, it will offer to press Num 9 in order to reset HWID binding:
a) If everything is going well: after clicking Num9 the PX will notify about that you need to restart the game.
b) If the certain time since the last binding is not observed, the PX will notify about that you could reset only once every 3 days.
Premium users could wait 2 days. At this case the PX will also show an accurate date (including the time) of the last HWID reset.

This error means that you did not pay for the PX update after the global game patch (which has changed version of the game). You can do the following things:
a) Buy the reactivation from our shop
b) Upgrade your account to deluxe trough upgrade(s) from our shop

This error means that you made a mistake during the PX installation:
- You have placed “PhantomFiles” folder incorrect;
- You have filled “auth.ini” incorrect;
- You have changed name of “auth.ini” file.
(!) Look at steps 4 and 5 in PX installation Guide

This means your injector is corrupted/blocked or deleted.
1. Add C:\PhantomFiles\ as Antivirus exclusion
2. Restart the launcher and download all available updates
*incase you use Norton antivirus software, we recommend you to switch to Kaspersky or Malwarebytes*

This means your launcher can't connect to PX auth servers.
1. If you use a VPN disable it.
2. If you don't use VPN, download and install: Cloudflare WARP
2a. Now activate it and try to login again.
3. If it still doesn't work search for network filtering or firewall programs on your pc.
4. Incase this doesnt lead to a solution it is recommended to do a Windows Reset.
!!Backup all important data before you do that!!
a) Open Settings
b) Navigate to Update & Security - Recovery
c) Select Reset this PC Get started
d) Select remove everything

If you get that error it is caused by missing or broken runtimes
1. run all the setups and install missing runtimes (and repair existing ones)
2. restart your PC
Runtimes Download

-This problem is happening because your PX.dll is corrupted or blocked.
1.) Add C:\PhantomFiles\ as Antivirus exclusion
2.) Delete the Miscellaneous Folder at C:/PhantomFiles
3.) Restart the Launcher and download all updates
-Windows Defender is an Antivirus Software aswell
-Incase you use Norton Antivirus we recommend you to switch to Kaspersky or Malwarebytes.

- Force kill your launcher with TaskManager
- Navigate to C:\PhantomFiles\Miscallenous\pData\ and delete the pl.exe
- Now start the launcher and download the update
I cant delete the pl.exe 'error opened in another program'
-Search for the pl.exe in the task manager and task kill it now try again.
I dont have the pl.exe?
-your antivirus deleted it, add C:\Phantomfiles\ as exclusion

-Delete all current runtimes and install them again.
All in one download: Download
-Verify your GTA Files trough Socialclublauncher/Epicgames launcher/steam
- Add C:\PhantomFiles\ as antivirus exclusions
- Navigate to C:\PhantomFiles\ and delete all files except auth.ini
- Start the PXLauncher and install updates
This didnt help me
- reinstall your whole GTA
- if this doesnt do a fresh windows installation

This problem occurs, because PX cannot receive a response from its server when you try to log on.
To solve this problem, try the following:
1) Try to restart your network hardware (modem/router) and your computer.
2) Incase you use a VPN try to switch the servers/vpn provider
If this didn’t not help, do this steps.
1) Delete “hosts” file from your system and restart your PC. After restart this file will appear with default settings.
2) Go to settings of your network hardware (modem/router). Search for network filtering parameters.
There you may find additional options for network filtering (For example, ASUS routers have option for blocking of some websites).
Try to reset these parameters to default or disable additional options for network filtering.
+3) In extreme cases you may try to reset all your router/modem settings to default.

PX injectes successfully but when you pressing F5 menu opens and then instantly closes.
We have a so-called "key filling" in PX and that is why PX closes instantly after trying to open it by pressing F5.
The solution is to tritely press the "Num0" key several times on the right square keyboard and try to reopen the menu.

Useful information for users, which get "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged" error.
1) Delete from your PC current version of WinRar.
2) Download from the official website and install the latest WinRar release
+3) If the problem still exists, repeat step 1) and download and install any analogue of WinRar.

1) Make a click on the right mouse button on console header. Go to settings/properties.
2) Go to “Fonts” tab.
3) Choose “Consolas” font and apply it.

PX injects successfully but you can't open it by pressing F5
This problem is caused by the combination of phone notifications and PX error notifications.
1. Enable your GTA Phone notifications.
2. Restart your game and PX.
3. Read the error PX shows you a both the minimap.
4. Follow the troubleshoot connected to the error.

1. Go to Local Disk (C:\)
2. Right-click "PhantomFiles" folder
3. Click "Properties"
4. Navigate to Security Tab
5. Click the "Edit..." button
6. Select a user or group and enable "Full Control"
7. Repeat this step for all users & groups
8. Close Security with "OK"
9. Close Properties with "OK"
10. Start GTA Storymode and retry injection